Himalayan Enigma – Trail of the Gods

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) you should consider addressing well in advance:

Event Details:

What is the date, time, and location of the event?
16 November – 18 November 2024. Kalinchowk to Nagdaha, Dolakha.


How can participants register?
Once Registration is open, registration forms are distributed in your nearest bike shop and also you can fill up from our site www.yetioriginals.com 

Race Categories:

How are race categories determined?
Elite – All riders male/female that has participated in any MTB downhill and enduro National & International Championships, EWS, or Mega avalanche in the last 4 years.
Open – All riders male/female excluding the above criteria.

JuniorAll riders under 18 years of age.
E-Bike – Any rider male/female with an e-bike.


Can participants change categories if needed?

Course and Trail Information:

What is the trail’s difficulty level?



Are there any specific trail features or challenges participants should be aware of?
The Himalayan Enigma stands as a unique Enduro race, demanding exceptional skills and stamina due to its remarkable features. This challenging race spans less than 30 kilometers but includes a jaw-dropping vertical drop of over 2000 meters. The trail is characterized by rocky terrain, root-covered sections, and is predominantly composed of narrow singletrack, making it unlike any other race in its intensity and demands.


Are there maps or GPS coordinates available for the trail?
Yes. The coordinates gps files can be downloaded from www.yetioriginals.com

Safety and Gear:

What safety gear is mandatory?
Full face helmet, kneepad, full glove.


Are there gear inspection requirements?


How can participants ensure their bikes meet the event’s specifications?
Bike specification is mentioned in the rule book


Race Format:

What is the race format, and how does the Enduro-style race work?

  • It’s a Marathon (Mass-start) Enduro race.
  • Official timed run (Seeding run) will determine the order at starting line.
  • Rider with fastest time from the starting point to the finishing point wins.


How is timing and scoring handled?
A timing system from SPORTident will be used. 


Aid Stations:

Where are the aid stations located, and what services do they provide?
Technical/Feed aid stations will be available at Gairi, Deurali, and Dolakha Bhimsen.

Are outside support crews allowed, and if so, what are the rules?
Support should be rendered by the crew appointed by the rider. A neutral station will also be available for riders without any aid crew.

Environmental Considerations:

What are the environmental protection guidelines for the event?
All participants, including riders, their support crews, service providers, and the organizing team, must maintain strict adherence to a no-littering policy throughout the event, both before and after. Disposal of waste materials should be exclusively carried out in designated areas. We strongly encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the event’s rules and regulations to understand the consequences riders may face in the event of an offense related to littering.


How should participants minimize their impact on the environment?
Dispose of trash in the specified collection areas. This is also mentioned in the rule book. 

Code of Conduct:

What are the sportsmanship expectations?

Riders and the specified team crew should follow the rules and regulations of Himalayan Enigma. Infight, swearing, and actions that lead to injury will lead to disqualification of the rider and future participation in the event will be reviewed.


How should participants conduct themselves during the race?
Riders should follow the rules and regulations diligently.


Awards and Prizes:

What categories are eligible for awards, and what are the prizes?
Elite and Open – Total prize worth $5000

Protest and Appeals:

What is the process for filing a protest?
The rider will have to submit a written letter to the race director after completing the race mentioning the issue.


How are appeals handled?
The written letter will be reviewed by the team that includes – Race director, …….. And a decision will be made.


Weather and Cancellation:

What is the event’s weather policy?
Severe weather during the event will be evaluated by the race director and will be canceled if needed by citing safety issues. The seeding run will be considered the final result.


How will participants be notified of any event cancellations or changes?
Pre-event if the weather becomes a risk factor then the race director will share the message with every rider in the hotel via WhatsApp, SMS and also post the notice on the official communique board in the official hotel. 
During the race, the race director will be communicating with the start line and informing about the cancellation of the race.


Spectator Information:

Are spectators welcome, and are there designated viewing areas?
Spectators are open-heartedly welcome to visit and view the event. The race course will be taped so the spectators should be viewing the event from behind the race tape. Marshalls will be present to manage the area and will guide the spectators from risky areas.


Is there a spectator code of conduct?
Spectators and partners including those of the riders aren’t allowed to be on the race track during the race and practice.  

Liability and Waivers:

Are participants required to sign liability waivers?

Yes. Riders are allowed inside the race track only after the waivers are signed.


What legal disclaimers are in place?
Liability, Photo, and medical-legal disclaimers will be present for the rider to read and sign.

Contact Information:

How can participants contact event organizers for questions or concerns?

Phone: 9818995906
Email: [email protected]


Are there emergency contact numbers provided?
Yes. Emergency contact numbers are provided in the technical document.

When: November 16-18, 2024

Duration: 3 days

Seats: 100+

Where: Dolakha, Nepal

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